Exhibition: 「ART NAHA~まちなかの展覧会」

03/12/2022 – 18/12/2023

@Naha Cultural Arts Theater, NAHArt’s exhibition rooms, the surrounding area, parks, stores, etc.



I exhibit “Still on our tongues” at the Makishi Public Market (temporary market) in Naha.

Info about my work:





🍪Open Cooking🍪

Open production of Biscuits concerning the work “Still on our tongues.” No reservation is required.

○Date: 7 December 2022 / 15:00-17:00
○Place: LESTEL NAHA (2 Chome-24-10 Matsuo, Naha, Okinawa 900-0014)


🍪Dialect-Card-Biscuits making group🍪

○Date: 10 December 2022

13:00-15:00 Dialect-Card-Biscuits making

15:00-16:00 Talk about the Okinawan language while eating cookies

○Place: Ukishima Brewing (Okinawa, Naha, Makishi, 3-3-1 水上店舗第二街区3F)




Exhibition: Ad Mornings “Place of Living Information”

22/12/2022 – 7/1/2023 11:00-19:00 (Closed: 26/12, 29/12-3/1)


OPEN SITE 7 | TOKAS Recommendation Program

Participation as Ad Mornings‘s member.

@Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo: Space C (3F)





Residency: Le CND – Centre national de la danse

Artiste accueilli période courte – Janvier 2023