A Match


The performer holds in her hand, a colorless and transparent racket, which has exactly the same shape as the racket used for the ESCI tennis*. She starts playing a game alone with an imaginary opponent. The more intensive the match, the more the performer carries out gestures with violence, until exhaustion. Playing the game alone with a fictional opponent seems absurd. If ESCI tennis is a symbol of peace, behind this absurdity, we wonder if peace can be done alone. The performance suggests that the peace we have today may just be a fake.
*ESCI tennis, a sport born after the war in Hiroshima, is a symbol of peace. see vimeo



A Match
solo performance, 12′, 2017
Museum of Contemporary Art in Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japon
Photography : Kitae Kenji (Hanada Photograph Studio)
Vidéo : Soni Hong
Special thanks : Soni Hong, Jang Sonok, Maya Sasano and MOCA Hiroshima team