Discours du rêve


In the exhibition space, there are a talking photographer, six dancers and fragments of speeches at various points. The audience cannot see all the scenes as a whole, but all the scenes are loosely linked by signs and sounds. Gestures and words combine, separate and form complex relationships between them. TEASER



Discours du rêve
Performance, 15’, YGREC, Paris, 2017
design : Yuni Hong & Ayuko Nishida
choregraphy : Yuni Hong
dancers : Jeanne Bathilde, Yuni Hong, Mélaine Loison, Zoé Philibert, Antoine Vallé
reading : Ayuko Nishida
Photo : Woosung Sohn
Special thanks : Ingrid Bailly, Cyril Charpentier, Nicolas David, Christian Genty, Théo Hillion, Léopold Mialet,
Romain Mok, Tatiana Nedelskaya, Angeline Ostinelli, Madoka Rindal, Studio le Fort